Saturday, February 7, 2009 | By: HIDAYAH HALIM

Survey ntah pa pe...

1) what should we call you?

2) how old are you?
mude lagikkk...baru 24

4) look to your right, what do you see?
dinding yang bercat kuning & biru....dalam clazzz...

5) what was the last thing you put in your mouth?
chewing gum

6) have you ever seen a crocodile?
heh...of course...buaye darat paling slalu aku tgk...

7) do you think you're pretty?
ermm...not so sure....what do you think? heee...

8) is there someone you'd like to be with right now?
my best best & best fwen...shat & anum

9) do you think anyone hates you?
may be...

10) have you changed a lot this year?
yup...have no 'joli' life anymore....need to focus more on study

11) what were you doing two minutes ago?
print out my last minute-done assignment....

12) have you had dinner?
malam smalam ar....bro aku lanje makan kfc coz dapat gaji pertame...hihihih...

13) do you like to be in pictures?
of course....i'm a minah interprem

14) how's the weather today?
nampak cam jerebu je kat luar tu...

15) would you give a stranger your phone number?
ape kejadahnyeeeee....

16) Myspace or Facebook?
Myspace...tapi da lame tak aktif...tak ingat da pon password...

17) Starbucks or Coffee Bean?
Starbuck tapi da lame tak gi gare2 boikot-memboikot neh....

18) Pizza Hut or Dominos?
Klau cakap pasai pizza aku prefer Pizza Hut....klau cakap pasal beger of course McD...klau
chicken lak mesti ar KFC....

19) what's on your left?
d a.k.a isah....tgh nak discuss CRM untuk presentation sok...sme wat last minute...biase ar..
keje sambil blaja's difficult u know...

20) do you like this survey?
boleh laaaa...tapi soklan banyak sgt arrr...

21) describe yourself in one word

22) what does your dad work as?

23) do you have a bestfriend?
mesti arrrrrrrrrrrr....

24) do you like school because of your friends or do you just like school?
coz of friends...

25) are you a vegetarian?
ish...tak kuase aku....ape yang sedap sme aku makan...

26) has anyone told you you look like tom cruise?
ha?! aku pompuan arrr...klau cam jennifer lopez ade la kot....hahahahaha.... =p

27) read the oldest message in your inbox.what does it say?
Pasai skim biasiswa penyelidikan pasca

28) how many windows are open in your computer right now?

29) do you love your girlfriend/boyfriend more than you love your mom?
my priority of love of course to my parents

30) are u gay?
lesbo may be...coz i'm ladies...hehehehe...huisshh...simpang malaikat 44

31) did you watch high school musical 1, 2 and 3?

32) Who was the last person you were in a fight with?
ermmm...sedangkan lidah lagi pikir ar sendiri...

33) How many texts have you sent/received today?
dont have for this moment....

34) How tall are you?

35) Who do you spend the most time with?
my boo & isah

36) Who was the first boy/girl you fell in love with?
cinte monyet...tak yah ar mention...

37) Why do you take these surveys?
coz i'm so boring right now...

38) Who do you really miss?
My beloved late 'opah'

39) Do you wish you could be a kid again?

40) Do you lick your plate when you're finished eating?

41) Who has disappointed you most in your life?

42) Could you live without cheese?
ohhhhhhh...cannotttttt...i luv cheese so much...every morning i will take my breakfast with
roti (canai) telur cheese.....yummyyyyyy...

43) Are you going to take another survey after this?
if i have much time...

44) Who do you like?
Christiano Ronaldo (but not too fanatic heh...)

45) Who is your best friend?
my best friends divided into 2 types: crazy (shat, anum & ida) and less crazy (d, gha &

46) Who makes you happy?
everyone who close with me...

47) Who is your favorite family member on your moms side?
nieces & nephews

48) Who is your favorite family member on your dads side?
nieces & nephews

49) Who do you tell your secrets to?

50) Who were you with last night?
my family

51) Who do you live with?